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II Jornadas de Criminologia 2014

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Workshop Sessions: Law and Criminal Sciences, Coimbra 10-14 february

Organization: CINETS (Crimmigration Control – International Net of Studies) with the Criminology Master of the Superior Institute Bissaya Barreto, Coimbra (scientific direction Maria João Guia)

in partnership with

The Criminology Master of the Faculty of Law, University of Leiden, The Netherlands (Prof. dr. Joanne van der Leun & Prof. Dr. Maartje van der Woude)

10 to 14 february 2014

Language: English

Schedule: Daily 9h to 17h (40h/week)

  • Program
Morning: Seminars of

  • Organization of Justice and Society

  • Human Rights and Migrations

  • Criminology and Criminal Sciences

  • Immigration, Crime and "Crimmigration"

  • Trafficking in Human Beings and support provided to victims

Study Tours

  • Centre for Temporary Detention of Migrants in Unidade Habitacional de Santo António, Oporto (USHA)

  • Institute of Legal Medicine, Coimbra

  • Prison of Coimbra

  • NGO working in sheltering human trafficking victims

Afternoons: Workshops for presentation of research by students

  • (abstracts will soon be posted online)

Extra-curriculum activities(paid by participants)

  • Krav-Maga training

  • Touristic Tour to Coimbra and Oporto

  • Farwell Dinner with fado of Coimbra

The organizing comittee of the workshop sessions "Law and Criminal Sciences" want to show the biggest gratitude to Fórum Portucalense and to its' President, Dr. António Vilar, for sponsoring the wonderfull evening in Oporto city, tuesday, the 11th february.

The Organizing comitte want also to show the biggest gratitude to Paulo Briosa and his Krav Maga team for giving a wonderfull training to all the participants!

10/02 – Monday11/02 – Tuesday12/02 – Wednesday13/02 – Thursday14/02 – Friday
10h00 – Touristic Tour – University of Coimbra9h00 – Seminar Human Rights and Migrations09h00 – Seminar Criminology and Criminal Sciences09h00 – Seminar Immigration, Crime and Crimmigration09h00 – Trafficking in Human Beings and support provided to victims
11h30 – Visit to Coimbra Prison10h30 – Break11h00 – Break10h30 – Break10h30 – Break
11h00 – Discussion11h30 – Discussion11h00 – Discussion11h00 – Discussion
12h30 – Lunch12h00 – Lunch12h30 – Lunch12h00 – Lunch12h00 – Lunch
14h00 – Wellcome reception – Prof. Dr. Figueiredo Dias
14h15 – Seminar Organization of Justice and Society13h30 – Visit to USHA and Prison – Porto13h30 – Student workshop 213h30 – Student workshop 3
15h45 – Break14h30 – USHA
Tour to Oporto and visit to the Oporto wine caves
15h00 – Break15h00 – Break
16h15 – Discussion15h30 – Visit to Institute of Legal Medicine, Coimbra15h15 – Student workshop 4
17h15 – Student workshop 117h00 – Visit to Museu Machado de Castro
19h30 – Krav Maga training20h00 – Dinner with fado

(This program is subject to changes)

Fees: 100 euros (50% off to any student of the University of Coimbra – Degree/Master/PhD/Post-PhD)

Inscriptions and Contacts:

  • Seminars
10/02 - Monday11/02 – Tuesday12/02 – Wednesday13/02 – Thursday14/02 – Friday
14h30 - Seminar Organization of Justice and Society – Summary: Dr. Maria João Guia9h00 – Seminar Human Rights and Migrations – Summary: Prof. Dr. Maartje van der Woude09h00 – Seminar Criminology and Criminal Law – Summary: Dr. Nuno Oliveira09h00 – Seminar Immigration, Crime and Crimmigration – Summary: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Aragão09h00 – Trafficking in Human Beings and support provided to victims – Summary: Prof. Dr. Joanne van der Leun
14h35 – Justice(s): a socio-legal perspective – Prof. Dr. João Pedroso09h05 – Human Rights upon Europe and Portugal – Prof. Dr. Jónatas Machado09h05 – Criminology and Criminal Law – Prof. Dr. Maartje van der Woude & Prof. Dr. Jan Crijns09h05 – The Crimmigration Concept, what are the dangers?Prof. Dr. Joanne van der Leun09h05 – New forms of Trafficking in Human Beings, how are we backgrounding victms?Dr. Maria João Guia
15h00 – The modern Society within the crisisProf. Dr. António Casimiro Ferreira09h30 – Human rights concerning migrants, the Portuguese reality and the new challenges facing border control and human rights – Dra Luísa Maia Gonçalves09h30 – How Criminology may interconnect with migration studiesProf. Dr. Joanne van der Leun09h30 – Crimmigration, Terrorism, and border controlProf. Dr. Maartje van der Woude09h30 – The NGO "Saúde em Português" shelter for human trafficking victims experience – Dr. Pedro Machado
15h30 – Justice and Criminal Law on transnational contextProf. Dr. Pedro Caeiro10h00 – States, Borders and Migrations: who is protected one?Prof. Dr. José Manuel Pureza10h00 – Immigrants as a source of Crime: Reflections from CriminologyDr. Steven de Ridder10h00 – The Emergence of the Criminal Law of the CrimmigrantDr. Maria João Guia10h00 – Begging for Protection: Legislating, Policing and Preventing New Practices in Human TraffickingDr. Sarai Chisala
16h00 – Migration and European Directives on Illegal workProf. Dr. João Ramalho10h30 – Multicultural territories: local and proximity strategies regarding the integration of immigrantsProf. Dr. Helena Reis & Prof. Dr. Isabel Miguel10h30 – Reflecting on the Portuguese Criminal code: a brief approach to the accusation roleDr. Sara Moreira10h30 – Dismantling a networking of human trafficking in Portugal – The Border and Immigration Service – Dr. Paulo Nicolau

  • Location
    • Instituto Superior Bissaya Barreto
      Campus do Conhecimento e da Cidadania
      Apartado 7049
      3046-901 Coimbra

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*** Call for papers now available!

2nd CINETS conference, Leiden 9-10 October 2014 - call for papers

With confirmed keynotes speeches by: Katja Franko Aas, Jennifer Chacon, Juliet Stumpf

Recently published book: "Social Control & Justice: Crimmigration in the Age of Fear" (Eleven International Publishing, 2012) - NOMINATED FOR THE STEIN ROKKAN PRIZE 2013 - ECPR - Index | Book review

For information on how the book and how to order it, go to:

Book Release "A Emergência da Crimigração" - Book cover | Index

CINETS - Crimmigration Control - International Net of Studies

CINETS group

This group of research was created in september 2011, after months of conversations by email between Maria João Guia (University of Coimbra) and Juliet Stumpf (Lewis & Clark Law School, USA). Juliet Stumpf has coined the term ‘Crimmigration’ in 2006 and, searching for litterature, Maria João Guia found her excellent papers and contacted her by email, starting this network. After some months of exchanging thoughts and opinions, they have decided to meet and bring to discussion a subject which is a passion to both of them: “the crimmigration”.

That's where a longer plan started taking form: a pannel in the American Law and Society Association conference was organised and other scholars joined them. Robert Koulish (University of Maryland, USA), Maartje van der Woude and Joanne van der Leun (both from Leiden University, Netherlands), joined them at this discussion held in S. Francisco (see past activities). Luigi Solivetti (University Sapienza) couldn't join them at this conference, but he was enthousiast on this project, when Maria João Guia visited him at Rome in February 2011 to speak about this idea and to exchange some thoughts on european and north-american hints on this issue.

Juliet Stumpf and Maria João Guia set up, at that starting time, another two pannels in the 16th Metropolis Conference, held in Azores, september, 2011 where other brilliant academics joined them discussing the subject: Doris Marie Provine (Arizona University), Alan Desmond, Valsamis Mitsilegas (Queen's Mary University, London), João Pedro Campos (University of Coimbra) and also members from the Portuguese State Services Duarte Miranda Mendes from the Portuguese High Coimmissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI) and André Costa Jorge, (from Jesuit Refugee Service).
At Metropolis conference, another two academic was interested at this project and joined them: Leo Dana, from New Zealand and Shahamak Rezaei, from Denmark.
This was the start of a project who is looking up to bring together scholars who intend to develop comparative studies and issues on the central subject of ‘crimmigration’ and parallel subjects on this one.
A web page was then set up where most of the past and future activities, as well as researchers are presented to public –
During this starting period, Maria João Guia, Maartje van der Woude and Joanne van der Leun decided then to leader the organisation of the first CINETS conference, held in Coimbra, Portugal, where the heart of this network has been funded.
They decided to co-edit the first book that is intended to be the first of a serie of many researches on this topic in the next future. In fact, the next conference CINETS, will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands in 2014, where the next publication will be presented to public.
We are very hapy receiving new interested researchers on this area to join the growth of this Project. Just explore our web page or mail us,

Thanks for your interest,
CINETS Organisation

  • Organizing Committee:

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