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Crimmigration, Terrorism, and border control

Whereas the Schengen Agreement (1995) has resulted in the in the disappearance of border control in the EU member states, recently the question of the reintroduction of border controls has attracted a lot of interest. Due to ongoing issues of irregular migration, transnational crime, the international fight against terrorism and the deficient protection of parts of the external borders of the European Union, Member States have continuously expressed the necessity to monitor the flow of people and goods crossing their internal borders. The concerns have led to discussions about whether the Union law allows Member States to introduce border controls at the European Union's internal borders. So far, this has resulted in the European Commission putting forward proposals to revise the Schengen Rules. In the Netherlands there does not seem to be a lively debate aimed at reinstating border controls in the border areas with Belgium and Germany, yet, also in the Netherlands there are serious concerns about intra-Schengen migration movement in relation to various forms of transboundary crime.