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Curriculum Vitae

Luísa Maia Gonçalves

Luisa Maia Gonçalves has a Law Degree from the University of Lisbon Faculty of Law. and is a. Senior Inspector of the Immigration and Borders Service. Since December 2012, she is the Head of the International and External Relations and Cooperation Department, previously: Head of the Department for Criminal Investigation Surveillance and Intelligence.
She had executive positions and duties within different bodies of Central Government service in the field of international relations in the Ministry of Justice, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legal advisor to the Office of the Deputy Minister for European Affairs.
Cooperating with international organizations in migration matters and human rights as the European Union, Council of Europe, ICMPD and IOM participating as an expert in several missions Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Moldavia, Georgia, China.
Has several publications, concerning migration matters (Sham marriages, Trafficking of human beings, prevention campaigns on THB, good practices of migrants regularization).

She will focus on human rights concerning migrants, the Portuguese reality and the new challenges facing border control and human rights.