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Opinions from the participants

"The I CINETS Conference was an outstanding moment to share knowledges and perspectives on Crimmigration policies among scholars from different countries and continents, and dealing with differente epistemological point of vue. Coimbra, a town that hosts a prominent University, is always a delightful place to organize and enjoy a scholar meeting".
José Ángel Brandariz Garcia, University A Coruña

"The crimmigration conference in Coimbra helped to solidify a new academic and intellectual approach to the study of immigration law and politics. It also inspired new collaborations and partnerships among scholars from around the world to investigate immigration control practices across borders".
Robert Koulish, University of Maryland

"I really enjoyed this first CINETS conference. Not only was it great to have so many scholars working on issues in the field of immigration and criminal law all together, what I particularly liked was the broad international background of the scholars. Whereas the crimmigration-debate so far had been mainly US-focused, this conference has underlined the fact that crimmigration is a global issue. I have no doubt that the CINETS will contribute greatly to the global academic, political and public discourse in this field".
Maartje van der Woude, Leiden Law School, the Netherlands

"Crimmigration is changing the way we live. CINETS was an enriching international conference, followed by a stimulating debate on an inspiring topic".
Alexandra Aragão, Faculty of Law, Universidade de Coimbra

"The CINETS conference offered a terrific opportunity for learning and exchanges with scholars from many countries concerning the world-wide trend toward convergence between the procedures and practices of immigration law enforcement and those associated with the criminal law. The size and format of this conference are ideal for enhancing schlarly exchange".
Dr. Doris Marie Provine, Arizona State University

"The CINETS Conference was for me a great opportunity to deal with some topics in depth, specially "crimmigration" law and trafficking in human beings. These phenomena are so complex that the possibility of listening to legal and practical experiences from different countries is really very useful and rewarding".
Luz María Puente Aba, University A Coruña

"The first CINETS conference set a high standard. It provided a perfect opportunity to discuss different aspects of crimmigration in this very well organized setting and wonderful setting. The speakers were excellent and the social events, including fado music, made things only better. We are hoping to be able to make the second conference in Leiden a success as well".
Joanne van der Leun, Leiden Law School, the Netherlands

"CINETS Conference was an opportunity to discuss the crimmigration phenomenon and meet important people who have changed my seeing the issue of immigration. The quality of discussions was excellent and the atmosphere of unity among the participants was the difference. I hope to meet everyone again in Leinden".
João Paulo Orsini Martinelli, Mackenzie University, Brasil

"Thank you very much for everything about this Conference, it was a great opportunity to met people from very high intellectual level and that could show very interesting perspectives about Crimmigration. I'm looking forward to the next edition of this Conference".
André Luiz Siciliano, University of São Paulo

"The CINETS conference provided an excellent opportunity for academics from a wide variety of fields to share their work and experiences relating to the convergence of immigration and criminal law in their respective countries. A shared concern with the rise of crimmigration phenomena brought us all together in an effort to provide impetus to academic challenges to these phenomena. I wish to thank and congratulate the leading figures of this movement, the newest academics and members of civil society who have joined this movement, and especially Maria João Guia for uniting all of us in the wonderful town and University of Coimbra".
Charles Gosme, Sciences Po Law School in Paris

"The CINETs conference was a defining moment in the study of crimmigration law. It brought together for the first time scholars, teachers, and students from an international array of disciplines to share their work, ideas, predictions and concerns about crimmigration. The conference was exceptionally well-organized and well-conceived. I learned so much from the presentations and the conversations, made great connections with other colleagues, and came away inspired".
Juliet Stumpf, Lewis & Clark Law School