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Ingrid Eagly (UCLA School of Law, USA)

imagem Ingrid Eagly is a Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law. An expert on the intersection of immigration and criminal law, Eagly’s scholarship has explored the prosecution of immigration crime, the treatment of noncitizens in the criminal justice system, and immigration court practices that affect detained immigrants. Eagly’s work is empirical, drawing on quantitative data, interviews, and public records to understand how institutions function in practice. Her recent publications includeProsecuting Immigration, 104 Northwestern University Law Review 1281 (2010); Criminal Justice for Noncitizens: An Analysis of Variation in Local Enforcement, 88 NYU Law Review 1126 (2013); and A National Study of Access to Counsel in Immigration Court (with Steven Shafer), 165 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2015).