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Dulce Lopes

imagem Lecturer at the Faculty of Law University of Coimbra teaching Private International Law, European Union Law, and Administrative Law (1999-ongoing)
Worked at the Presidency of The Portuguese Government (2000-2001) and was Assistant for European legal affairs to Mr. Fausto Correia (†), Member of the European Parliament (2005-2007).
Lecturer of the discipline European Legal Order at the Licence Européenne of the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lille (2009-ongoing)
Investigator of the Coimbra's University Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies CEIS20, and member of the Editorial Council of the online Journal "Debater a Europa".
Lecturer in several seminars/conferences in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and the United States, mostly in Administrative and European Union law issues; elaborated several National Reports in projects financed by the EU Commission.