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Sílvia Gomes

imagem Sílvia Gomes is a researcher at the Research Center for the Social Sciences (University of Minho) and at the Criminology and Behavioral Sciences Research Unit (Maia Institute of Higher Education), both in Portugal. With a five years degree in Sociology in the University of Minho (2008), she did her PhD at the Institute of Social Sciences at the same university. The PhD thesis is entitled "Crime, Ethnicity and Inequalities: A comparative analysis between foreign groups from Eastern Europe and African Portuguese-Speaking countries and national Roma groups". In addition to the involvement with communications in national and international conferences, she participates in several national projects, all of them related to crime and delinquency. It is part of her career the title of visiting student researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, under the supervision of Professor Loïc Wacquant, as well as the position of trainee assistant professor at the Maia Institute of Higher Education, in the course of Criminology. Her research topics are related to crime and criminalization, social inequalities, gender, ethnicity, class, media studies, reintegration and recidivism.