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Research team

Witold Klaus

imagem Assistant Professor at the Department of Criminology, Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, President of the Polish Association for Legal Intervention and Secretary of the Board of the Polish Society of Criminology. Graduate from the School of Human Rights at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. Holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Evaluating Social Programmes at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw.

Main academic interests: the problems of criminality and the victimisation of immigrants; issues related to social exclusion and criminality; juvenile delinquency and restorative justice. Works with migration and immigrants' rights, and the functioning of the principle of non-discrimination and equal treatment. Currently works on problems of violence against immigrant women and criminalization of immigration (crimmigration).

Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Nowy Swiat St. 72
00-330 Warsaw, Poland