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Elisa Garcia-España

imagem Elisa Garcia-España is Associate Professor in Criminal Law and Criminology, and Professor-Research in the Institute of Criminology at the University of Malaga. Currently she is also Vicedean at Law Faculty, Assistant Director of the Institute of Criminology and Director of OCSPI (Observatory of criminal control system toward immigrants. See more at Elisa Garcia-España conducts research into the ways in which the criminal control system responds to immigrants, particularly police stops by racial bias, deportation as an alternative to the prison sentence, immigrants in prison and their chances of reinsertion to society, young immigrants in a situation of criminal risk, causes of crime of immigrants settled in the country and victimization. Elisa Garcia-España is currently heading a four-year project on Crime of settled immigrants in Spain funded by the Government of Andalusia, Spain. Details of this project can be found at the website

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