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Opinions from the participants

"It was a wonderful experience being in Coimbra again. A full week of debate and lectures on crime and migration with participants from vastly different contexts offered an awful lot to think about!"
Prof. Dr. Joanne van de Leun, Leiden University

"This week was for certain an amazing and enrichment experience, and for sure unforgettable for all of us, not only for the several knowledge and network contacts, but also this make possible to contact with a different realty, through the conferences and the extra activities that allowed friendship and future opportunities. I hope to repeat!"
Ana Rita Caçador (master student from ISBB, Portugal)

"This was my first international exchange, and an adventure to make my presentation. I think that it was very advantageous due to the exchange of ideas and knowledge, which appear even more ideas and knowledge! Congratulations to all who participated, it was memorable!"
Ângela Medina, master student from ISBB, Portugal

"This interchange was an interesting experience to our professional career because we got an opportunity to present ideas, as well as we approached some subjects that are relevant in our society nowadays.
Personally, I recommend the experience to everybody."
Daniel Cordeiro (Master's Student in Law, from Instituto Superior Bissaya Barreto, Coimbra – Portugal)

"This international interchange was an enriching experience, both personal and professional, providing contact with a different reality.
The experience was as exhaustive as rewarding, been able to learn another points of view about new and innovated topics.
Can't wait for next edition."
Tiago Fernandes (master student from ISBB, Portugal)

"I think the CINETS workshop sessions were very useful to increase our knowledge about different themes and also know more about laws, crimes and criminological perspectives from different countries."
Helena Filipa Pereira (master student from ISBB, Portugal)

"Thank you for this amazing week, where we were able to exchange knowledge's, experiences and insights. I believe it enriched everyone of us. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I'm looking forward to meet everyone again, this time at the Netherlands!"
Diana Roque (master student from ISBB, Portugal)

"This week was a wonderful experience, because I saw so many people wanting to improve their knowledge’s and experiences. That way was possible to learn new things and especially having new experiences, even with the extra activities! Hope to see everyone again very soon!"
Sílvia Esteves (master student from ISBB, Portugal)

"That was an amazing experience, I hope that I have the chance to do it again. I learned a lot with the share of experiences and different cultures."
Carina Gonçalves (master student from ISBB, Portugal)